12 Row
Sugarbeet Harvester

Features & Specs

  • Split Grabrolls with Rear Full-Length Spiral - Cushioned - Adjustable

  • Simple, Reliable Design

  • Tractor Requirements:
    320 horsepower minimum
    20 GPM @ 3,000 PSI Hydraulics

  • Steerable Rear Flotation Tires


Pricing and Availability


4-Ton Hopper with 48" Discharge





Parma 12 Row Sugarbeet Harvester

 The simplicity of the Parma 12-row Sugarbeet Harvester sets it apart from the competition with its’ unique design of the grabroll bed.  The full-width spiral Grabroll across the back eliminates all bearing hangers or brackets under the Grabrolls reducing trash and mud build-up.  An overall front to rear dimension of less than 20 ft long allows for quick turnaround times without the need for large headlands.

The Sugarbeets are lifted directly onto the cleaning rolls which then convey them across the grabroll bed into the large 58” rear squeeze chain elevator.  This proven design eliminates the need for extra chains, transfer rolls and the massive chipping while still maintaining the same great cleaning capacity.  The large 4-plus ton hopper provides just the right balance and the lighter weight allows for four evenly spaced rear flotation carrier wheels for stability and consistent row depth from side to side.


  • 12228 SERIES

    • 29683 - 8 Row 30" Row Spacing
    • 12228 - 12 Row 22" Row Spacing

    • 19 ' 1" Front to Back (Tongue Included)
    • 8 Roll - Grabroll adjustable cleaning bed
    • Six Groove 5V Notched belt, dual side drive
    • Spring Loaded, Easy adjustable, drive Belt Idlers
    • PTO Driven Grabroll bed & Paddle shaft
    • Hydraulic driven Rear Elevator & Discharge Boom
    • Heave Duty Dual Rear Carrier Wheel Struts
      • 4 ea. 21.5 x 16.1 Lug Flotation Tires
      • 2 Way Steerable
    • Rock Protected Lifter Wheel Strut & Grabroll
    • 58 " Elevator Throat
    • High Capacity Rear Squeeze Elevator

    • Cast Alloy steel Lifter Wheels with Filler tabs and Driving lugs
    • Rubber Backing on paddles
    • 1  ¾" Head shafts on Elevator drives
    • Holding Tank, approx. 4-Ton capacity 55" wide with 48" x 56 mm pitch belted chain
    • Fold down discharge elevator with dual cylinders
    • 58" Wide "High Capacity" rear Elevator with 56" x 56 mm pitch Triple belt, Belted Chain
    • RC 80 Drives throughout
    • Wide open front end for great visibility into the Lifter Wheels
    • Two, 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Lift cylinders
    • Heavy Duty tongue swivel hitch (CAT 4)
    • LED Working & Caution lights
    • Hose Kit for Tractor hook-up

    • 8 Roll Grabrolls with 3 Split, Directional spiraled, on 6" Steel Pipe
    • Rear Spiral full width on 6" sch. 120 pipe
    • Hard Surfaced on all Spiral wrap
    • 3 Split smooth rolls with 5" sch. 80 Steel Pipe
    • Two, half (split) rear smooth rolls with 6" sch 40 Steel pipe
    • 2-3/16" Welded stub shafts
    • Triple Lipped Sealed 2 3/16" Bearings
    • Adjustable, Spring cushioned hangers

    • "Narrow Row" Lifter Wheel strut - or - the Standard wide row configuration.
    • Powered by combination Mechanical/Tractor Hydraulics - or - Mechanical/Self-Contained system
    • Driven by CV PTO - or - Standard non-CV
    • In Cap electrical solenoid control valve (3-Bank through 5-Bank)
    • Rear Elevator chain scrub-mode sprocket kit
    • Rear Elevator ladder & Platform
    • Grabroll Mud Flap Kit
    • Rowfinder or Tongue Cylinder Kit


Model 12228

Row Spacing


PTO HP Required




Belt Drive - 5V Notched


Frame Width


Towing Width


Shipping Width - Front to rear - Tongue Removed


Shipping Width - Front to rear - Elev. removed




12-Row 21” to 22”


320 hp min.


8 Roll w/rear Spiral Full Width

(Split rear smooth roll)

6 Groove Notched Powerband


24’ 11”


26’ 4" (24’ 11” boom removed.)


13’ 11”



13’ 4”



30,410 lbs (Tongue weight 10,580 lbs)

Overall Height:    13 feet & 6 inches

Shipping Height - Wheels & Top Sprocket removed:  12 Feet & 8 Inches

Rear Elevator Chain:  1/2 x 56" x 56 mm Triple Belt, Belted with overlap Splicing

Center Boom Height:       10 Feet & 5 Inches


Hopper Chain:  1/2 x 48" x 56 mm Belted with overlap Splicing


Lifter Wheels:  28" Cast Alloy steel with Driving lugs & Filler Tabs

Tank Holding Capacity:  Approximately 4 Tons

Grabroll Bearings:  2 3/16" Triple Lipped

Rear Carrier Tires:  4 each 21.5 x 16.1 Flotation



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Special Features


8 Total:

•  Back Grabroll is Full Length
  PTO Driven

Rear Elevator

56" Belted Chain For High Capacity


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